Corrections for Published Designs

Blue Ribbon Designs makes every effort to ensure that the designs and directions for all charts are accurate and complete. We apologize for any human error and/or typographical error that may accidentally occur (we all make mistakes).
Thank you for your understanding.

BRD-109C Blue Jeans and Daisies – Part Three
In the lower-left corner with the large butterfly, there is a minimal mistake in the border of the square – all four angled corner borders should be stitched with Emma’s Pink (one angled corner border – four stitches – was mistakenly charted for Peoria Purple).

BRD-104 Beauty In Simplicity:
Framed Sampler – the trunk of the large tree in the center should be straight all the way down. The first printing of this chart shows the bottom of the trunk (from the grass down) offset one stitch – you could stitch it the way it is charted; however, the model is stitched with the tree trunk straight all the way to the base.
Future printings will be corrected.

BRD-103 Quilted Garden:
Page 1 enlarged sampler chart – the first quilt block in the 2nd row: the bottom left corner (square of nine stitches) should be Bluecoat Blue (solid circle symbol). Future printings have been corrected.
The first printing of this design was missing the Over-one Cross Stitch alphabet – it you have a chart missing the over-one alphabet and would like to personalize your piece in over-one, please e-mail me or use the “contact us” form to request the alphabet.

BRD-094 Sweet Simple Samplings:
There is an enlarged chart for this design (with an overlap of four stitches – shaded area) for easy viewing; however, the shaded area on the original printing is extremely light and difficult to see – this was not intentional and will be corrected on future printing. Please use caution when switching between pages, making sure to accommodate for the four stitch overlap.

BRD-029 Happily Ever After ~ A Wedding Sampler:
The first printing of this chart contained a typographical error in the color key. The solid square symbol should be 089 Twilight and the solid circle symbol should be 123 Victorian Rose.
The design size for 40 count fabric should read 9 3/4 x 12 3/4 – Cut size should read 15 3/4 x 18 3/4
Future printings have been corrected.

BRD-010 Little Reminders Volume 1 – Gift of Opportunity:
There is a mistake in the DMC conversions listed for “Every Challenge is Opportunity” – it lists DMC 736 as a conversion for the Weeks Dye Works Peach – this is incorrect – it should be DMC 738.

Freebie – Crowned Heart ~ A Tiny Gift Sampler:
The early copies of this free design had an incorrect stitch count. The correct stitch count is 53 x 61. Corrected copies were sent to shops and the website version is correct.

BRD-043 Christmas Sentiments Volume 2
BRD-044 Christmas Sentiments Volume 3
Both of these designs contained a simple correction on the specifics (back) page of the chart (1st printing only)- all were corrected before shipping (using a label). If you are finishing these ornaments as directed (like the model), then you will be back stitching around your entire ornament. The back stitching color was incorrectly listed.
Volume 2 – back stitch in Pine (DMC 5101)
Volume 3 – back stitch in Holly Berry (DMC 3350)
Again, all charts were corrected, this is only clarification – the “ornament instructions” in your chartpack are correct and list the correct color.

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