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Holiday Helpings
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Holiday Helpings

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Stitch Starter & Sleeve Designs 

Stitch count:

Each sleeve: 116 H x 58 W

Models are stitched on 32-count Chantilly Creme hand-dyed fabric from Lakeside Linens.

*NOTE: Changing the count of your fabric will alter the finished size of your sleeve and your Stitch Starter ruler may not fit correctly.

Models are stitched with Weeks Dye Works cotton floss (DMC equivalents providedand DMC six-strand embroidery floss:

Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss (DMC):
Blue Heron (160) - 1 skein - Sleeve E, I
Bright Leaf (3829) - 1 skein - Sleeve V*, E, I, H, T
Carrot (402) - 1 skein - Sleeve E*, H, T
Cognac (400) - 1 skein - Sleeve E*, I*, T, C 
Curry (3820) - 1 skein - Sleeve V*, E, I, H, T
Emerald (562) - 1 skein - Sleeve E, I, C
Emma's Pink (3689) - 1 skein - Sleeve V, E 
Garnet (815) - 1 skein - Sleeve V, I, T*, C
Kris' Bon Bon (898) - 1 skein - Sleeve E, T
Mascara (310) - 1 skein - Sleeve H
Michael's Navy (823) - 1 skein - Sleeve I
Monkey Grass (319) 1 skein - Sleeve V, T, C 
Purple Haze (3740) - 1 skein - Sleeve V, E
Snowflake (White) - 1 skein - Sleeve E*, I, H, C
Sweet Potato (921) - 1 skein - Sleeve H, T
Tin Roof (648) - 1 skein - Sleeve H

DMC Cotton Floss: 543 - 1 skein - Sleeves V, E, I, H, T, C

Floss estimation is for stitching all six sleeves as directed on 32-count linen using model specifics. DMC equivalents are only approximate, as there are no exact equivalents for hand over-dyed floss.

NOTE: The color DMC 543 was chosen to closely match the linen fabric - it is used for the outer back stitching line and assembly of the sleeve; if you change the color of your fabric, you will want to replace DMC 543 with a color that closely matches your linen fabric.

If stitching only one sleeve, use the following key and the "Sleeve" notation above to determine the floss colors needed: Valentine = V, Easter = E, Independence = I, Halloween = H, Thanksgiving = T, Christmas = C

An Asterisk (*) depicts minimal usage.

Package contains charting for each of the five sleeves, stitching instructions, complete finishing instructions for making the sleeves, an alphabet/numbers for personalization, instructions for using your Stitch Starter, and one Stitch Starter Ruler.

I encourage you to use floss and fabric colors that match your personality and style.

Stitches (diagrams included):

Cross Stitch over two linen threads
Back Stitch
French or Colonial Knot (minimal)

Finishing Supplies:

Matching cotton fabric (lining) and coordinating sewing thread
Cotton quilt batting or craft fleece
Basic sewing supplies and iron

Each design would also work well for a small framed piece...or a magnet, scissor fob, needlebook, floss ring tag, ornament, etc. - experiment and have fun!

About the Stitch Starter Ruler:

It is 2 mil acrylic plastic, making it durable.
It has marking lines for both 1" and 2" seam allowances, so you only need one tool.
It is clear, making it easy to see your fabric placement.
It has 1/4" and 1/2" markings on three sides.

It has complete 3" ruler markings down the left side - these can be used for:

finishing work measurements
measuring between stitched designs
counting threads to figure fabric count

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