Blue Ribbon Designs in Books & Magazines...

LeafJust CrossStitch: October 2020 - released: August 2020:
"Pick of the Patch" - Halloween Ornament in Halloween Spooktacular
Pick of the Patch

LeafJust CrossStitch: 2020 Halloween Collector's Issue - released July 2020:
"Halloween Haul"
Halloween Haul - JCS Halloween 2020

LeafJust CrossStitch 2019 Christmas Ornament Issue - released September 2019:
"Trimming the Tree
Trimming The Tree

Just CrossStitch 2018 Christmas Ornament Issue - released September 2018:
"Caroling Cardinals"
"Two Stags and a Star"

JCS Ornament Issue 2018 

LeafJust CrossStitch: October 2018 - released: August 2018:
"Startled Superstition" - Halloween Ornament in Halloween Spooktacular
Designer Spotlight - Q&A
"Hayride Happenings" - Autumn Pinkeep

JCS October 2018

LeafJust CrossStitch: August 2018 (Christmas Ornament Preview Issue) - released June 2018:
"Two Stags and a Star" (listed as "Two Stars and a Stag" in the publication)

Two Stags and a Star


LeafJust CrossStitch 2017 Christmas Ornament Issue - released September 2017:
"Frosty Friends"

Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue 2017 

LeafQuiltmaker Magazine -  Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 15 (May 2017)
My block is on the cover! "Sunny Parkway"  Block #1470 - Page 45

Sunny Parkway - Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol. 15


Just CrossStitch 2016 Christmas Ornament Issue - Release: September 2016
"Blizzard Buddies"

Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue 2016Blizzard Buddies


LeafJust CrossStitch: October 2016 (Halloween Ornament Spooktacular)
"Midnight Meeting"

Just CrossStitch October 2016 IssueOwls In Moonlight

LeafJust CrossStitch: August 2016 (Christmas Ornament Preview Issue):
"Flurries in the Firs"

Just Cross Stitch August 2016Flurries in the Firs


LeafQuiltmaker Magazine -  Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 12 (November 2015)
My block is on the cover! "Blooming & Blue"  Block #1147 - Page 31

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 12

Blooming & Blue


LeafJust CrossStitch 2015 Christmas Ornament Issue - Release: September 2015
My design can be found on page 20 - my recipe is on page 108. "Snowmates" 

Just CrossStitch 2015 Ornament Issue

LeafThe World of Cross Stitching - WOXS Issue 233 on sale in the UK on August 13, 2015: 
Designs can be found on pages 39-41. "Halloween Hangings"

WOXS 233 CoverHalloween Hangings


LeafJust CrossStitch: Sept/Oct 2015:
Designs can be found on pages 57-61. "A Journey"

Just Cross Stitch Sept/Oct 2015

A Journey


LeafJust CrossStitch: 2015 Halloween Collector's Issue:
"Tricks or Treats Bags"

Just Cross Stitch 2015 Halloween Special Collector's IssueTricks or Treats Bags


LeafJust CrossStitch: 2015 Halloween Collector's Issue:
"Halloween Portraits"

Just Cross Stitch 2015 Halloween Special Collector's IssueHalloween Portraits


LeafJust CrossStitch: July/August 2015 (Christmas Ornament Preview Issue):
"Quiet After Dark"

Just Cross Stitch August 2015Quiet After Dark


LeafQuiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 11 - May 2015
"Sunshine and Daisies"Block #1051 - Page 37

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 11

Qulitmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 11 - Sunshine and Daisies


LeafQuiltmaker Magazine No. 163 - May/June 2015
"Kites In Flight" - Pages 38-40

Quiltmaker Magazine No. 163 - May/June 2015Four Corners of Happy


LeafQuiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 10 - November 2014
My block is on the cover! "Four Corners of Happy" Block #944 - Page 40

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 10Four Corners of Happy


LeafJust CrossStitch 2014 Christmas Ornament Issue - Release: September 2014
"A Woodland Wish"

Just CrossStitch 2012 Ornament IssueA Woodland Wish


LeafJust CrossStitch: October 2014 (Halloween Ornament Spooktacular)
"Owls in Moonlight"

Just CrossStitch October 2014 Issue

Owls In Moonlight


LeafThe World of Cross Stitching - WOXS Issue 216 on sale in the UK on April 24, 2014. 
"Songbird Decorations" - designs can be found on pages 61-63.

WOXS 216 CoverSongbird Decorations


LeafJust CrossStitch: Just CrossStitch 2013 Special Christmas Ornament Issue
"Redbirds Rejoice" - ornament is shown on the cover, just right of center...two cardinals on pine branches...

Just CrossStitch 2013 Ornament Issue

Redbirds Rejoice


LeafThe World of Cross Stitching: WOXS Issue 199
"Sunlight, Seeds, and Scents" AKA: "Garden Sampler"
Design is shown on the top right of the cover....

WOXS Magazine #199

Garden Sampler




LeafCross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine: January 2013 Issue
"Flurry Friends" - AKA: "Country Winter"

Cross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine

Flurry Friends

LeafJust CrossStitch: Just CrossStitch 2012 Special Christmas Ornament Issue
"Roaming Reindeer"
Ornament is shown lower right of center...pines trees with cardinals and a cording...

Just CrossStitch 2012 Ornament Issue

Roaming Reindeer

LeafJust CrossStitch: Just CrossStitch 2012 Halloween Special Publication:
2012 Special Collector's Issue: Halloween - "Six Bats and a Black Cat”

2012 JCS Special Halloween Publication

Six Bats and a Black Cat

LeafJust CrossStitch: July/August 2012 (Christmas Ornament Preview Issue):
"Woodsy Winter"
Ornament shown in the lower left-hand corner (green cording).

JCS July/August 2012

Woodsy Winter

LeafJust CrossStitch: Just CrossStitch 2011 Special Christmas Ornament Issue:
"Frosty In The Firs”
Ornament shown near center - under the letter "m"...

2011 JCS Orn Issue

Frosty In The Firs


LeafJust CrossStitch: Just CrossStitch Halloween Collection Book 2011:
"Scaredy Cat”
Special release soft cover book (ornament shown on cover lower left corner)

JCS Halloween Collection Book 2011

Scaredy Cat

LeafJust CrossStitch: September/October 2011 (Annual Halloween Issue):
"Boo Mansion”
Ornament shown top right on the cover...

JCS Halloween 2011

Boo Mansion

LeafJust CrossStitch: July/August 2011 (Christmas Ornament Preview Issue):
"Christmas Cottage”
(Ornament shown middle right - cottage with pine and red birds)

JCS July August 2011

Christmas Cottage

LeafJust CrossStitch: March/April 2011 Issue:
"Berries, Birds, and Blooms”

Just CrossStitch March/April 2011

Berries, Birds, and Blooms

LeafJust CrossStitch: Holiday 2010 Christmas Ornaments Issue:
“Peace On Earth”

Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament Issue 2010

Peace On Earth


LeafJust CrossStitch: Annual Halloween Issue:
“Perched On A Pumpkin”

Just CrossStitch Annual Halloween Issue

Perched On A Pumpkin


LeafJust CrossStitch: Holiday 2009 Christmas Ornaments Issue:
“Merry Wishes”
(under the word "Ornaments" on the cover)

2009 Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue

Merry Wishes


LeafJust CrossStitch: Holiday 2008 Christmas Ornaments Issue:
“Glad Tidings”
(lower right ornament on the cover)
Inside: photo on page 14, with an additional photo, chart, 
and instructions on pages 32-33.

Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue 2008Glad Tidings


LeafJust CrossStitch: July/August 2008 ~ Christmas Ornaments Preview Issue:
"Joyful Blessings"
(top right ornament on the cover)
Inside: photo on page 25, with an additional photo, chart, 
and instructions on page 29.

Just Cross Stitch July /August 2008

Joyful Blessings


LeafThe Gift of Stitching: December 2007:
“Four Winter Wishes"
Issue includes charts and finishing instructions for all four ornaments on the cover.

The Gift of Stitching

Four Winter Wishes


LeafJust CrossStitch: Holiday 2007 Christmas Ornaments Issue
“A Wish for Hope and Peace"
Ornament photo - page 19.
Design chart and Christmas recipe are on page 32.

Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue 2007

A Wish for Hope and Peace


LeafJust CrossStitch: February 2007:
“A Token of Affection”
Interview starts on page 20, with design chart and instructions starting on page 23.

Just Cross Stitch February 2007Token Of My Affection

LeafJust CrossStitch: Holiday 2006 Christmas Ornaments Issue:
"A Christmas Wish"
Ornament photo - page 18.
Design chart and Christmas memory are on page 35.

JCS Ornament Issue 2006A Christmas Wish