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Proud and True
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Proud and True

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Stitch Count - 155 H X 145 W

Model is stitched on 40-count Basketweave hand-dyed fabric by Lakeside Linens with one strand of silk over-two linen threads.

Model is stitched with Crescent Colours Hand Dyed Floss (now Classic Colorworks) Belle Soie 12-strand silk (DMC equivalents provided):

Crescent Colours/Classic Colorworks Belle Soie 12-strand silk:
Blue Lagoon (3750) - 1 skein
Butterscotch (832) - 1 skein
Chester's Blue (931) - 1 skein
Collard Greens (520) - 1 skein
Cranberry (814) - 1 skein
Icing (3865) - 1 skein
Strawberry Shortcake (816) - 1 skein
Teddy Bear (433) - 1 skein

Floss estimation is for stitching as directed on 40-count fabric with one strand of silk over-two threads of linen. DMC equivalents are only approximate, as there are no exact equivalents for hand over-dyed fibers.

Package contains a master chart and an enlarged chart printed on four pages for easy viewing.

I encourage you to use floss and fabric colors that match your personality and style.


Cross Stitch over-two linen threads
Cross Stitch over-one linen thread (birds and flowers only)

Belle Soie Silk to Crescent Colours Cotton Floss Conversion:

Belle Soie 12-strand silk (Crescent Colours/Classic Colorworks cotton floss in parenthesis):
Blue Lagoon (Wavy Navy)
Butterscotch (Ye Olde Gold)
Chester's Blue (Tyler Boy Blue)
Collard Greens (Spinach)
Cranberry (Bandana)
Icing (Magnolia Blossom)
Strawberry Shortcake (Cupid)
Teddy Bear (Brown Sugar)

A little disclaimer: I highly recommend using the Belle Soie silks, if you are wanting the same look as the model. The DMC colors will obviously not provide the same shading and are only approximate. The Crescent Colors/Classic Colorworks cotton floss will provide the shading, but the colors are not exact matches. I have converted the colors using the dye-lots I have on hand - the stitcher (or shop where purchasing supplies) may need to make slight adjustments to make the conversions more personally "eye pleasing".

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