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Beauty In Simplicity
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Beauty In Simplicity

  • $14.00

Charting for a sampler, Shaker box lid design, pinkeep, needlebook, and scissor fob.

Stitch counts:

Sampler – 108 H x 129 W
Shaker Box Lid - 94 H x 127 W 
Scissor Fob - 30 H x 30 W (2)
Pinkeep - 49 H x 50 W (2)
Needlebook - 123 H x 60 W

The Shaker box lid and needlework smalls are stitched on 32-count Navy Bean (standard) hand-dyed fabric from Lakeside Linens. NOTE: If you use a different count of linen, your stitched design will not fit the recommended Shaker box lid appropriately.

Framed Design (sampler) is stitched on 40-count Navy Bean (standard) hand-dyed fabric from Lakeside Linens.

Models are stitched with Weeks Dye Works cotton floss (DMC equivalent provided):

Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss (DMC)
Bluecoat Blue (826)
Bluecoat Red (3328)
Bright Leaf (3829)
Chestnut (938)
Curry (3820)
Garnet (815)
Ivy (3364)
Seaweed (3362)
Snowflake (B5200)

Shaker Box and Needlework Smalls

Framed Design (Sampler) 

Floss estimation 2nd column is for stitching four pieces (the Shaker box lid and three needlework smalls) with two strands of floss over two linen threads on 32-count linen.

Floss estimation 3rd column is for stitching one piece (framed design) with one strand of floss over two linen threads on 40-count linen. 

DMC equivalents are only approximate, as there are no exact equivalents for hand over-dyed floss. For best results, I suggest using the Weeks Dye Works cotton floss.

Oval Shaker Box information:

Model: Custom recessed lid #4 Cherry Box
Retail Pricing: $62.00 - consumer orders welcome 
Size details: 3 1/2" x 6 1/8" x 8 5/8" with 1/4" recessed lid
Special order - allow 4 weeks for delivery
Canterbury Box Shop
Phone: (603) 783-0394

Package contains charting for the framed sampler, Shaker box lid, and three needlework smalls, stitching instructions, stitch diagrams, complete finishing instructions for the three needlework smalls and Shaker box lid, and an alphabet/numbers with personalization area.


**CORRECTION** Framed Sampler - the trunk of the large tree in the center should be straight all the way down. The first printing of this chart shows the bottom of the trunk (from the grass down) offset one stitch - you could stitch it the way it is charted; however, the model is stitched with the tree trunk straight all the way to the base. Future printings will be corrected.


Adobe REader View/Download/Print Corrected Page


I encourage you to use floss and fabric colors that match your personality and style.

Stitches - diagrams for all stitches are provided:

Cross Stitch over-two linen threads
Back Stitch
Basketweave Tent Stitch

Finishing Supplies:

Matching lining fabric and sewing thread (needlebook)
Matching wool felt (needlebook)
Gloriana Hand-dyed Threads pure silk ribbon, 4mm - Avonlea Green - 2 yards (needlebook)
Quilt Batting (needlebook, pinkeep, and box lid)
Mat board or poster board (pinkeep and box lid)
Matching pins (pinkeep) 
DMC 6-strand embroidery floss - 3 skeins 3362 (twisted cord)
Fiberfill, cotton balls, or your choice of "stuffing" (scissor fob)
Fusible lightweight interfacing (box lid)
Unwaxed dental floss or strong sewing thread (box lid)
Oval Shaker Box (detailed information listed above)
 Custom Corder (mini drill for making twisted cord)
Basic sewing/stitching supplies, glue for setting lid, and iron

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