The Extensive Blue Ribbon Designs Catalog

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Sunflower Delivery

Halloween Haul


Hitchin' A Ride

Holding The Bag

Ghostly Gatherings

Sunlight, Seeds, and Scents

Pink Positive

Sweet Slice of Liberty

Sunlight, Seeds, and Scents Pink Positive Sweet Slice of Liberty

My Favorite Things Sampler

Under My Wing

Pasture Parade

My Favorite Things Sampler

Under My Wing

Pasture Parade

Cloud Nine Tea Cozy and
Tenderhearted Tea Towels

Tulip Table Runner and
Alphabet House Mug Rugs


Good for the Goose

Joyful Journal Jacket

Joyful Journal Jacket

Pretty Posies Pouch

Pretty Posies Pouch

Singing Under the Stars

Singing Under The Stars

Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies

Forty-Five Tote Bag

Forty-Five Tote

Paper Patterns
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BRD-117 Quilt Block Christmas

Quilt Block Christmas

BRD-116 Woodland Tree Farm

Woodland Tree Farm

BRD-115 Shaker Valley Harvest

Shaker Valley Harvest

BRD-114 Harvest Huswif

Harvest Huswif

BRD-113 Mischief at Midnight

Mischief at Midnight

BRD-112 Through The Trees

Through The Trees

BRD-111 Feathers, Flowers, and Fruit

Feathers, Flowers, and Fruit

BRD-110 Botanical Blessings

Botanical Blessings

BRD-109 Blue Jeans and Daisies

Blue Jeans and Daisies Mystery Sampler

BRD-108 Berries, Birds, and Blooms

Berries, Birds, and Blooms

BRD-107 Sunflower Serenade

Sunflower Serenade

BRD-106 Redwork Garden

Redwork Garden

BRD-105 Friendship Blooms

Friendship Blooms

BRD-104 Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity

BRD-103 Quilted Garden

Quilted Garden

BRD-102 Pocketful of Peppermint

Pocketful of Peppermint

BRD-101 Moonlit Midnight

Moonlit Midnight

BRD-100 Holiday Helpings

Holiday Helpings

BRD-099 Turn The Page

Turn The Page

BRD-098 Frolic in The Foliage

Frolic In The Foliage

BRD-097 Blessed Beyond Measure

Blessed Beyond Measure

BRD-096 Halloween With A "Y"

Halloween With A

BRD-095 Liberty Stitchery

Liberty Stitchery

BRD-094 Sweet Simple Samplings

Sweet Simple Samplings

BRD-093 Established With Love

Established With Love

BRD-092 Schoolgirl Samplings

Schoolgirl Samplings

BRD-091 In My Heart

In My Heart

BRD-090 Sweet Songs of Spring

Sweet Songs of Spring

BRD-089 Just Add Tinsel

Just Add Tinsel

BRD-088 Winter White Woodland

Winter White Woodland

BRD-087 Autumn Leave and Sunflower Seeds

Autumn Leaves and Sunflower Seeds

BRD-086 A Sampling in the Square

A Sampling In The Square

BRD-085 Black Cats and Flying Bats

Black Cats and Flying Bats

BRD-084 Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark

BRD-083 Blooming With Inspiration

Blooming with Inspiration

BRD-082 Americana Panorama

Americana Panorama

BRD-081 Patriotic Patchwork

Patriotic Patchwork

BRD-080 Read Between the Lines

Read Between the Lines

BRD-079 Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses

BRD-078 It's Cold Outside

It's Cold Outside

BRD-077 Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

BRD-076 Peppermint Twist

Peppermint Twist

BRD-075 Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo

BRD-074 My Sewing Sampler

My Sewing Sampler

BRD-073 Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly

BRD-072 Behind The Gate

Behind the Gate

BRD-071 Good Karma

Good Karma

BRD-070 Celebration Wishes

Celebration Wishes

BRD-069 A Little Quakeresque

A Little Quakeresque

BRD-068 Proud and True

Proud and True

BRD-067 Bunnies and Blooms

Bunnies and Blooms

BRD-066 Black Velvet Inscription Sampler

Black Velvet Inscription Sampler

BRD-065 Letters, Leprechauns, and Luck

Letters, Leprechauns, and Luck

BRD-064 Small Tokens of Affection

Small Tokens of Affection

BRD-063 Stitched with Love

Stitched with Love

BRD-062 Green Letter Ornaments

Green Letter Ornaments

BRD-061 Winter Wingding

Winter Wingding

BRD-060 Red Letter Ornaments

Red Letter Ornaments

BRD-059 Poinsettias and Pines

Poinsettias and Pines

BRD-058 Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

BRD-057 An Expression of Gratitude

An Expression of Gratitude

BRD-056 In The Pumpkin Patch

In the Pumpkin Patch

BRD-055 Pumpkins and Poltergeists

Pumpkins and Poltergeists

BRD-054 My Precious Treasures

My Precious Treasures

BRD-053 Green Thumb Gameboard

Green Thumb Gameboard

BRD-052 Postcard from Paradise

Postcard from Paradise

BRD-051 Into the Ark

Into the Ark

BRD-050 Red Velvet Building Blocks

Red Velvet Building Blocks

BRD-049 A Sampler for Neine and Frump

A Sampler for Neine and Frump

BRD-048 A Sampler Squared

A Sampler Squared

BRD-047 Blue Velvet Inscription Sampler

Blue Velvet Inscription Sampler

BRD-046 Stop and Stitch the Flowers

Stop and Stitch the Flowers

BRD-045 Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss

BRD-044 Christmas Sentiments Vol. 3

Christmas Sentiments Vol. 3

BRD-043 Christmas Sentiments Vol. 2

Christmas Sentiments Vol. 2

BRD-042 Christmas Sentiments Vol. 1

Christmas Sentiments Vol. 1

BRD-041 Autumn Wishes

Autumn Wishes

BRD-040 Tiny Trees and Gifts for Thee

Tiny Trees and Gifts for Thee

BRD-039 Halloween Wishes

Halloween Wishes

BRD-038 Indian Summer Sampler

Indian Summer Sampler

BRD-037 Halloween Story Sampler

Halloween Story Sampler

BRD-036 Six Bats and a Witch's Hat

Six Bats and a Witch's Hat

BRD-035 Patience & Prosperity

Patience & Prosperity

BRD-034 Patriotic Wishes Vol. 2

Patriotic Wishes Vol. 2

BRD-033 Patriotic Wishes Vol. 1

Patriotic Wishes Vol. 1

BRD-032 Stitches, Stars, and Stripes

Stitches, Stars, and Stripes

BRD-031 Find Your Happy Place

Find Your Happy Place

BRD-030 Easter Wishes

Easter Wishes

BRD-029 Happily Ever After Wedding Sampler

Happily Ever After

BRD-028 Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

BRD-027 Red Velvet Inscription Sampler

Red Velvet Inscription Sampler

BRD-026 Valentine Wishes

Valentine Wishes

BRD-025 True Love & Grace

True Love & Grace

BRD-024 Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible

BRD-023 Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy

BRD-022 Blessed Are Those Who Gather Here

Blessed are Those Who Gather Here

BRD-021 Enjoy Your Time

Enjoy Your Time

BRD-020 Christmas Wishes Vol. 3

Christmas Wishes Vol. 3

BRD-019 Christmas Wishes Vol. 2

Christmas Wishes Vol. 2

BRD-018 Christmas Wishes Vol. 1

Christmas Wishes Vol. 1

BRD-017 The Christmas House II

The Christmas House II

BRD-016 A Sampler for Merry Pat

A Sampler for Merry Pat

BRD-015 Little Reminders Vol. 3

Little Reminders Vol. 3

BRD-014 My Stitching Nest

My Stitching Nest

BRD-013 Heart Has Wings

Heart Has Wings

BRD-012 Little Reminders Vol. 2

Little Reminders Vol. 2

BRD-011 Happy Home

Happy Home

BRD-010 Little Reminders Vol. 1

Little Reminders Vol. 1

BRD-009 Raspberries & Mint

Raspberries & Mint

BRD-008 Close at Heart

Close at Heart

BRD-007 Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion

BRD-006 The Christmas House Sampler

The Christmas House Sampler

BRD-005 Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

BRD-004 Grow & Reflect Band Sampler

Grow & Reflect - A Band Sampler

BRD-003 Nice & Neat

Nice & Neat

BRD-002 Growth Too Floral Sampler

Growth Too - A Floral Sampler

BRD-001 Never Stop Growing

Never Stop Growing